Hi guys,

I have a Gigabyte B450M DSH3-CF and a Ryzen 7 2700x , stock cooler, running a mild oc to 4.1Ghz, on 1.32v from bios. PBO is enabled, ram is running in XMP 3000Mhz and everything else is left on auto.

TMPIN4 & TMPIN5 are suspiciously toasty both in idle and after 20 mins

These 2 sensors are supposed to be the mosfets (4) and Soc (5) , or at least that's what HW Info thinks but not sure since I cannot find any sensor info in the board's manual.

CPU does 30c idle / 83c max on load
TMPIN4 does 44c idle / 115c and climbing on load
TMPIN5 does 49c in idle / 79c load, relatively stable there

I'm guessing these are not normal operating temps. Any ideas? Thanks guys.