Hello everybody. So, recently, i've ugraded most of my components from my PC. So, i have a new i7 9700k with a Scythe Ninja 4, Gigabyte Aorus Pro motherboard, gtx 1080ti, PSU Corsair 750W, a samsung ssd 1TB Nvme, 16 gb ddr4 2400Mhz only, all together in a NZXT Case, with good cable management. I have the latest BIOS update. I am playing games in 1440p 144hz.
Ok, so i tried to overclock the CPU. And i started, first, by changing some of the settings from BIOS, after reading some oc guides, like this:
Enhanced Multi-Core Performance - disabled
AVX Offset - auto
SVID offset - disabled
VT-d -disabled
Intel Speed Shift Technology - disabled
Ring to core offset (down bin) - disabled
CPU EIST Function - disabled
Voltage Optimization - disabled
Intel Turbo Bost - disabled
Active Turbo Ratios - disabled
C-States Control - all disabled
CPU Vcore Loadline Calibration - Turbo (it has also, extreme and super extreme options)
I also have this, by default like that:
CPU Internal AC/DC Load Line - Auto
CPU Base Clock - Auto - meaning 100.00Mhz
Ring Ratio - Auto - meaning 43 (uncore ratio)
IGP Ratio - Auto - meaning 30.00
Then, i started slow, with 4.8ghz and 1.26V, all good in prime95 26.6, stable after 1 hour, and good temperatures, 90 celsius degrees on 2 cores maximum, but, when i started gaming, i got different blue screens, until i reached 1.30V, by increasing with 0.01V, step by step, and the temperatures were max 75 celsius degrees, but still, it's not stable, neither at 1.30V.
Then, i tried with 4.9ghz, starting from 1.31V, again, all good in prime95 26.6, stable, no bluescreens or freezes, temperatures around 95 celsius degrees on few cores, but, again, when i started gaming, it showed again bluescreens, until i reached 1.35V, and, again, temperatures were max 78 celsius degrees, but average around 75, and still, it's not stable, either at 1.35V.
I tried first Fifa 20 and CS:GO, and it appeared to be ok, but after those 2 were stable, i played Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and i can't play it stable atm, i get bluescreens after 15-30 minutes of playing. In fifa20 or csgo, at [email protected] or [email protected], at least, after 1-2 hours, i didn't received any bluescreens.
I want to mention, that, i tried to put the uncore ratio to 46(manual), and i got some desktop random freezing, so i let it un auto aswell.
Is it really so hard to get it stable, or i am doing something wrong? On my last i7 7700k, i didn't had some many issues by making it stable, but this one, i am a little bit out of ideas, because in my oppinion, for daily usage, 4.9ghz @1.36V or more is a little bit risky, and maybe there is something else to change so i can make it stable.
I am here for more informations, if you need me and if you can please help me with some advices, i appreciate it. Thank you