Hi all. I posted this to the gigabyte.us forums and so far no one has come back saying they've tried this.

I currently have a 1TB Aorus PCIe 4 NVMe drive in my top M2 slot on my Gigabyte X570 Master and it's working well and I plan to buy a 2TB Intel 660p PCIe 3 drive to place in the second slot in order to retire an old HDD I have.

I've been reading that people have been having trouble running some NVMe drives (mostly to do with Windows 10 installation), and was wondering whether anyone has successfully installed two drives of different PCIe generations while maintaining the faster performance of the newer drive. I'm mostly concerned that some people have had to set their PCIe settings to 3rd generation for compatibility (although this seems to primarily affect graphics cards).

Any experiences appreciated, cheers