Hello everyone, I'm working on a build with Z390 AORUS PRO and a Corsair TX750M power supply. I have the need, to test components, to switch off completely the Power Supply several times (with the back IO button).
Then, everytime I switch ON the back button, the PC has a short start, to stop immediately, after a few seconds. A lot of PCs do that, but this one comes out with a Samsung SSD 970 PRO M.2 NVMe and everytime there's a "power loss", diagnostic softwares (for example HD Sentinel) mark the short start as an "incorrect power loss".
I've found in bios settings AC Back function and the only way to avoid "incorrect power loss" increasement is to set ALWAYS ON.
So I turn off the PC, turn off Power back button (to 0), change a component, and when I switch on Power back button (to 1), the computer has a complete and regular start.
My question is: is it possible to switch on the back power button without any automatic start of the PC?
Thanx a lot for any help