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Thread: a little experiment

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    I was thinking about trying to run computer games on a Dreamcast. Particularily ES3: Morrowind. I was thinking about using a VGA box to connect the DC and the computer and running games off the computers harddrive. I was wondering if this would be possible, and why do consoles run so fast with slow hardware? Plz help. Any imput would be appreciated. The DC specs are:
    Arm 200MHz processor
    16 MBs of ram
    800+ M\sec. bandwith

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    haha doesnt work like that, the console bios is specifically used for running games and such, you pc is hardwired to do everything, and it does everything, which slows it down. the dc would have to emulate the game, which..with its specs, and not running it natively, would slow the game down even more. it wouldnt work. and even if it did, it'd be really really slow

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    Lol :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    Technically it could be possible. However you wouldn't be able to run barely anything. Lol check out this 1337 UT2K3 on my 1337 Dreamcastz0rs. A whole .0232323446 frames per second... AHAHAHAAHAHAHAAH... Lol I am like ****ting myself right now, 200 mhz processor w/ no modern optimizations... 16 megabytes of ram, you wouldn't even be able to run windows, let alone emulate it, or run a 'wine'like application from an alternative OS. Lol this is probably the funniest thing I have hear in a while. Sorry I am laughing @ you expense, but you should really use the thing in your noggin before you post this senseless :spam:
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    [Case] All aluminum Skyhawk case w/ custom cut blowhole
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    [OS] Windows XP Pro w/ SP1

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