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Thread: Please Somebody Help Me !

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    May 2003


    Hello guys,
    I need some serious Help please. I have been building a lot of PC's before and never had this prob.
    Here it goes. A brandnew machine freezes constantly after about 3 or 4 minutes. It's not overheating. I checked.
    I ran it with winxp , same prob.
    Win 2000 pro, same prob. CMOS is all default.
    Please take a look at my Belarc report. Please, if anyone can help, I 'd appreciate it.


    Computer Profile Summary
    Computer Name: Libby (in WORKGROUP)
    Profile Date: Wednesday, May 28, 2003 11:00:53
    Advisor Version: 6.0c
    Windows Logon: L. LaPaugh

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    Operating System System Model
    Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 3 (build 2195) No details available
    Processor a Main Circuit Board b
    2033 megahertz Intel Celeron
    8 kilobyte primary memory cache
    128 kilobyte secondary memory cache Board: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. SiS-650 1.x
    Bus Clock: 100 megahertz
    BIOS: Award Software International, Inc. 6.00 PG 08/20/2002
    Drives Memory Modules c,d
    20.97 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
    18.97 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

    RW-5224 [CD-ROM drive]
    3.5" format removeable media [Floppy drive]

    WDC WD400BB-00DKA0 [Hard drive] (40.02 GB) -- drive 0 224 Megabytes Installed Memory

    Slot 'A0' has 256 MB
    Slot 'A1' is Empty
    Local Drive Volumes

    c: (on drive 0) 20.97 GB 18.97 GB free

    Logins Network Drives
    LIBBY\L. LaPaugh

    Installed Microsoft Hotfixes Printers
    Q318203 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Q329414-25 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Internet Explorer
    Q330994 (details...)
    Q813489 (details...)
    SP1 (SP1)
    Windows 2000
    Q816093 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Q282522 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Q323172 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Q323255 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Q324096 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Q324380 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Q326830 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Q326886 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Q328310 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Q329115 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Q329170 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Q329553 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Q329834 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Q331953 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Q810649 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Q810833 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Q811493 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Q811630 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Q814033 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Q815021 (details...) on 05/28/03
    Windows Media Player
    WM320920.1 (details...)

    Click here to see all available security Hotfixes.

    Marks a HotFix that verifies correctly
    Marks a HotFix that fails verification
    (Failing hotfixes need to be reinstalled)
    An unmarked HotFix lacks the data to allow verification None detected
    Controllers Display
    Standard floppy disk controller
    Primary IDE Channel [Controller]
    Secondary IDE Channel [Controller]
    SiS PCI IDE Controller SiS 300/305 [Display adapter]
    SiS 650_651_M650_M652_740 [Display adapter]
    Default Monitor
    Default Monitor
    Bus Adapters Multimedia
    SiS 7001 PCI to USB Open Host Controller
    SiS 7001 PCI to USB Open Host Controller MPU-401 Compatible MIDI Device
    Standard Game Port
    Communications Other Devices
    Realtek RTL8139(A) PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter
    Realtek RTL8139(A) PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter #2
    Network Card MAC Address: 00:90:47:03:B2:E4
    Network IP Address: / 22 Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard
    PS/2 Compatible Mouse
    USB Root Hub
    USB Root Hub
    Software Licenses

    Microsoft - Internet Explorer 55736-364-0577484-04571
    Microsoft - WebFldrs 12345-111-1111111-56210
    Microsoft - Windows 2000 Professional 51873-OEM-0000007-00000
    Symantec Corporation - Norton SystemWorks 2003 NSW2003.06

    Software Versions
    Belarc, Inc. - BelManage Client Version 6.0c *
    Cinematronics - 3D Pinball Version 5.00.2134.1 *
    Eastman Software, Inc., A Kodak Business - Imaging for Windows® Version 5.00.2138.1 *
    Microsoft Corporation - Internet Explorer Version 6.00.2800.1106 *
    Microsoft Corporation - Windows Installer - Unicode Version 2.0.2600.2 *
    Microsoft Corporation - Windows® NetMeeting® Version 3.01 *
    Microsoft Open Database Connectivity Version 3.520.6200.0 *
    Microsoft Windows Media Player Version *
    Silicon Integrated Systems Corporation - SIS (R) Compatible Super VGA keyboard daemon Version *
    Silicon Integrated Systems Corporation - SiS (R) Compatible Super VGA SiSTray application Version *
    Symantec Corporation - Common Client Version 1.03.15 *
    Symantec Corporation - Event Manager Version 1.03.4 *
    Symantec Corporation - LiveUpdate Version * Symantec Corporation - Norton AntiVirus Version 9.05.1015 *
    Symantec Corporation - Norton CleanSweep Fast & Safe Cleanup Version 7.0 *
    Symantec Corporation - Norton CleanSweep Version 7.0 *
    Symantec Corporation - Norton Speed Disk Version *
    Symantec Corporation - Norton SystemWorks Version 2003.6.49 *
    Symantec Corporation - Norton Utilities for Windows Version *
    Symantec Corporation - Norton Utilities Version *
    Symantec Corporation - Wipe Info Version *
    Symantec Integrator Version 6.00.17 *
    Symantec ScriptBlocking Version 1, 1, 0, 126 *
    Symantec Shared Components Version 2.0 *
    Yahoo! Messenger Version 5, 5, 0, 1254 *


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    May 2003


    I am intriqued as to how your hard drive is quoted at 40Gb, and yet your report shows approx 2 gig used for the OS and yet you only have 18gig left. It sounds as if your drive is configured wrongly which may explain why your machine is hanging

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    Feb 2003


    Yea that's true. Remember
    1. Latest BIOS
    2. Latest Drivers
    3. Latest Firmware
    4. Always run a virus scanner
    5. Keep your pc's health up to par
    6. Ensure you have non-faulty POS hardware
    7. Make sure your Power Supply is powerful enough
    8. Test your memory for errors with Memtest86 available here.
    [Mobo] Asus A7N8X w/ Modified 1003 Uber BIOS w/ Custom Boot logo
    [CPU] Athlon XP 2200+ Thoroughbred
    [Memory] 512 Samsung PC3200 DDR400 w/ Copper Heatsink(s)
    [Video Card] Geforce 3 ti200 128 DDR Special Gold Edition

    [Case] All aluminum Skyhawk case w/ custom cut blowhole
    [HSF] Volcano 11 Xaser Edition
    [Northbridge] ThermalTake Crystal Orb
    [Southbridge] Aluminum Northbridge heatsink attatched

    Operating System:
    [OS] Windows XP Pro w/ SP1

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    i would go into the bios hardware monitor monitor and check voltages. stay there and see if it freezes. if so, try reinserting the memory stick. if a no go, try another memory slot. if still a no go, do as suggested and test the memory with memtest86.

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