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Thread: Problem w/ new RAM

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    Let me start with some specs WinXP-pro p4 2.53g
    motherboard - Shuttle As45GT ,Stick of 512 pc2100 RAM that came with pc

    and now now a stick of Corsair 512 pc2100 RAM from newegg

    well for some reason i don't see a performance boost from
    512 to 1024 and in some games like in CS it even skips sometimes.

    the player will skip all around the screen and i never had this before the new RAM

    and in system properties it shows that a do have a gig of RAM installed

    so what can i do to fix this? i heard something in BIOS

    plz help

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    First off, if you have a problem that you feel is memory induced, then remove the original stick of memory and use only the new Corsair that you got from NewEgg. If the problem is still there, then you have either a faulty memory module or you have the memory timings set too aggressively in the BIOS. In either event, you should be able to figure out which problem you're being plagued with and respond accordingly.

    If your game runs smoothly, then you might want to try putting the Corsair in the first slot and the older module in the second one. Though not a guarantee, this can sometimes work for you. If the problem remains, then you might try tweaking memory timings to a less aggressive posture in the BIOS and see if this takes care of your problems. If you are falling into this area, then you likely have a compatibility problem between your two sticks of memory.
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