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Thread: GeForce 5200 Ultra poor 3Dmark scores

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    No overclocking, everything standard

    1 GB of PC2700 DDR memory
    PNY GeForce 5200 Ultra (running 325/650)
    Asus A7N8X (PCB 2.0)
    Win XP SP1

    The latest Nforce2 drivers
    The latest Detonator drivers

    AGP 8X enabled, Dual channel DDR, running 333Mhz enabled on Mobo
    FSAA and Antistrop-whatever are turned off.

    AGP apeture size changes have no effect on numbers.

    I got 10,238 points.

    One thing that does bother me though, 3Dmark reports a fill rate of 900 Mtexels/Sec, yet, the card claims 1300?

    I've seen LOTS of people getting higher scores than this, some in this forum with much less of a system.

    Any ideas?

    BTW 3Dmark 2003, a dismal 1545... Most the demos ran under 7 fps...

    Funny thing too, now that I think of it, the CPU tests had a higher FPS than the stupid card tests....

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    Those scores are about right for your setup. 5200 FX Ultra is a crap card, slower than Ti4200. If you check the hardware reviews ur 3dmarks are similar. Shouldnt have bought the card, theres much better offers around. 9500/9600 Pro or Ti4200 are much better buys for a few extra bucks.

    :thumbs do

    The whole fx series has bad fill rates and pixel shaders.
    If you do a pixel shader 2.0 test the fx series are seriously poor.

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