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Thread: 3D Games freezes after a while.

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    Ya ;)

    I've bought a used mobo, cpu and a fan for the CPU of a friend.
    After I've installed it, everything runs fine, as it should. Except for games.
    First it froze up directly. Then I updated the drivers for everything, then I could play for 5 minutes, then it freezed up again.

    I changed the SDRAM and FBUS speed to 100Mhz since one of my 128Mb SDRAMs is supposed to run at 100Mhz.
    Now I'm able to play for 10 minutes. Then it freeze again :(

    It's not the GFX, since I have tested with 2 different GeForce cards. And they did run fine on the last system.

    I think it could be the memory. But I really don't know how to set it up in the BIOS.

    Since the FBUS is at 100Mhz, I'm running the 1600+ CPU @ 1050Mhz. Not what I want directly...

    I could use some help here, any help or suggestions is apreciated :)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Some more details would be helpful. What kind of motherboard is it? Are you using latest drivers, etc etc etc...

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    Mobo = Asus A7v133
    SDRAM = 384Mb @ 100Mhz
    HDD = 6Gb @ 5400RPM
    GFX = GeForce 256 Annihilator Pro 32Mb DDR / GeForce2 400MX 64Mb
    CPU = AMD XP 1600+
    OS = w2k

    Yes, I have the latest drivers for everything.

    I hope that's enough? :)

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    my best guess is it moght be the ram... pc100 is outdated and sdrams are not meant to be mixed... had some experiences with them... either you take out the slower ram/ smaller ram... or just get a new set altogether, as sdrams are not that expensive nowadays...
    if you can afford a new mobo, and cpu plus ram... i`d suggest something out of the X-series by asus... and get an amd athlon from the barton code series... as for the ram... at least get a pc2700 as to be able to make the most of your new system...: peace2:
    My RIG...
    AMD Athlon XP 2500+ @2.0GHz
    Asus A7N8X-X
    512MB PC2700 DDR
    128MB Abit GF4Ti4200 8x
    80GB Maxtor DiamondMax 9
    Realtek ALC650 on Creative Inspire 2.1

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    The thing is that this isn't my "main" system or what I now should call it.

    This box is a extra box I have for gameplay use :)

    Don't think it's the ram acutally, because I've tried to run the system with only 1 128Mb SDRAM, and it frezzed up anyway :(

    And I had two 128Mb SDRAM @ 133Mhz and one 128Mb SDRAM @100Mhz in my old box, and that worked fine :)

    Maybe something is getting to warm?
    Do you guys have any tip for temp checking software?

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    I've solved the problem.

    It was my soundcard (Turtle Beach Montego A3D) that was causing the hangups. Not the SDRAM.
    I just switched the card with a Creative Soundblaster Live! Player card. And the box now runs great :)

    Now I only have to unlock the CPU so I can run it at full speed with my PC100 SDRAMs ;)

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    glad to hear that you fixed your problem

    but if you get rid of your single pc100 stick it will improve the performance of that rig...your mobo, cpu, and 2 sticks of your ram are ment to run at 133 mhz and that single stick of pc100 is slowing it all down. If you really want that extra 128 MB of ram then go get another stick of pc133, which can be very cheap these days

    but don't even talk about OC that rig until you get rid of that pc100 stick and get your comp back up to full speed ;)
    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    Yep once ya runnin' all PC133 then ya'll be able to get the CPU's FSB up to 133MHz where it should be instead of bein' underclocked.

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    I know that those 100Mhz SDRAM is slowing it all down. Can't afford (!) to buy those cheap SDRAMs right now. Going into military service on monday anyway, so I don't really need that speed right now anyway :)

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    **Salutes ni0wn**

    if you can afford to repace the PC100 stick, then just take it out until you can afford $20-$30 (US) for a replacement
    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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