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Thread: really need some help here

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    ive got a problem, just bought an xp 2400 and i have an ECS k7s5a mobo. got her all set up, turn it on and it wont boot, absolutely nothing happens excpet for the hsf comes on. is this cpu not comaptible with my mobo, or is sumthin busted. if i crushed the core putting on the heatsink im gonna **** myself. i still have my 900mhz t-bird if this ones done but i really want to get this one working. thanks guys

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    Well, hell try clearig CMOS, try it out barebones hdd or anything hooked up. Ill be honest with ya.......when I first built my rig I had the exact same problem.......and I had chipped the core. So ya might wanna take off nthe HSF and see what it looks like, and be prepared to **** yourself.

    Ya also may have a short on the mobo

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    Heres a tip: Throw that ECS board away, its crap. Buy yourself an Epox 8RDA+

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    Originally posted by Dyck15
    [B]Heres a tip: Throw that ECS board away, its crap. Buy yourself an Epox 8RDA+
    I second the motion.

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    i can breath a sigh of releif now knowing i didnt crush the core, im using that cpu right now, i did the barebone trick and that worked. only problem is whenever i plug in my 2 cdroms to the mb it wont work. my hard drive works fine but my two cd drives cause it not to work. o ya floppy works too. anybody know whats wrong? thanks

    PS i really want that epox board anyone seen one cheap?

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    nevermind that last post fellas. i fixed it for good now, i hooked up the cd drives one by one and now shes running like a beauty, even better when i get the ram and vid card. thanks for all your help guys :thumb:

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    did u decide on some ram that u want to get for your system? I think I can get 512 meg on pc333 for around $90+tax if u want it. Though i need to verify at work.

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    thanks for the offer man thats a good deal but i dont have 90 bucks to spend on my comp right now. im gonna see about gettin 256 pc2700 kingmax for 59. i know i need ram bad cuz goin from 900mhz to 2.0 ghz hardly made a difference in speed, so it seems i have a memory bottle neck. freakin sdr! o well anyone know where to get the 8rda+ for cheap cuz its a kick ass board and i hate this pos (k7s5a) and wish to destroy it!! :hammer:

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    Well, how is it workin now? Did the pc2700 work with that board?
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    Ram isn't going to help your speed that much with that board(K7S5A). IT is half of the bottleneck.
    Wait till you get some funds and upgrade both. I am sure you will be happy with the difference.

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