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Thread: Comp over my head

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    Ok, i'm having some computer problems, and i'm running out of ideas. If anyone can help, i'd much appreciate it. I'll try to give as much info as i can to help diagnose the problem.

    About a year ago, i built my first rig-nothing great, as i was on a budget. (I learned a great deal about it all from this site, thanks!)
    here's the specs:

    FIC AD11 mobo, amd 1700+ processor, maxtor 40g hdd, winxp pro

    so a week or so ago i'm on the comp and i get a blue screen of death saying something about video device drivers. i reset and it works fine for a day or so and then does it again. this time i reset and nothing happens...the machine powers up but nothing is showing up on the monitor. I had been wanting to get rid of the Geforce 2 Ti in the comp anyways, so i bought a Ge4 Ti 4200 8x. i installed it, and still, nothing is showing up on the monitor.

    i've taken everything apart and put it all back together a couple times(including the processor and HSF) and still, nothing. i don't really have access to any spare parts so i can't check if anything else is fried or something. As far as i know the system ran at acceptable temperatures.

    so, any ideas of what else i could check? i can't really afford to replace random parts because we just moved into a new house. I miss my computer! thanks in advance

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    What sort of power supply are ya usin' and what's its ratin'? :?:

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    the power supply is an allied 300w that came with the case....everything is lighting up(cd drive, fans, etc.) but maybe it's getting to not be enough to power everything?:shrug:

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    I had a very similar problem with my computer once. I sent the mobo back and they said it was fine. I had switched everything else out and it all worked. Which left me with a bad CPU.
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