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Thread: Internet browser/email wont work

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    Went over to friends house to see what I could do for them, they've gotta Dell Dimension pc, no viruses, cleaned up a sh*tload of spyware...that was unreal, adaware found over 200+....anywhoos....IE/outlook express doesnt work, I loaded Opera, same deal. However, what I found peculiar was that I got an FTP program to run and connected to my own server at my house while I was there and even d/l'd some files I forgot to put on a cd I needed to check hers out, so the TCP/IP shouldn't be faulty right? Where else should I look for this?

    fergot to mention that when I reset up the email client it says the pop server could not be found.....and for web browser, just says cannot locate...

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    Check their internet settings / connection settings. It could be set up so the computer is looking for a proxy server or some other connection that isn't there. I've seen spyware hi-jack browsers in this way before...

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    any chance the hosts file is involved here?
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    did you connect to the ftp server by name or IP address? if it was by IP then maybe you have a DNS problem. Check the ISP's website for their DNS settings and put them in for the dialup/lan connection (esp if they are with smellstra)

    Have also seen personal firewalls like norton internet security or zonealarm do this, try removing any of those.
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    will check for proxy setting beefy thank you,

    as for ftp I was using name, not IP address

    Mr C what are host files?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueyes
    Mr C what are host files?
    i back Mr. C on that
    go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc and look for HOSTS file.
    open it with notepad and look for any instance to a site that yuo are trying to connect to.
    all the IP's mentioned in there are blocked by windows.
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