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Thread: Video card? or merely a bad dial up connection?

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    I play Warcraft 3 online, on a dial up modem, and just recently a problem has developed. The problem I am having is that after playing online for a while I have extremely bad glitchy graphics, and I'm not sure if they are due to a flaw in my video card, or if it is just my dial up modem being a piece of sh!t. The symptoms include very very bad what I would call graphic lag, with the characters on the screen freezing up, and then going into fast forward to "catch up" with what happens. Also, when I give a unit orders, it takes about 4 or 5 seconds for me to see the effects of my orders, maybe this is because of my graphics, and maybe it is the modem glitching. Anyone have any program or way for me to diagnose the cause of my laggy game?


    Video card is NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400

    When installing the new detonator drivers, I got a message that said that this product was not Winxp approved or something like that, does this matter? Also, my problems started sometime around the time that I downloaded and installed the new driver, so is there a program that can thoroughly test my video card?


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    as for the lag, it is most definately caused by your dial-up modem. What are your pings like?

    im assuming you dont get any of this "graphic lag" in singleplayer games...which leaves the net connection as the culprit.

    when you install drivers on windows, its no harm to click Install when it says the drivers arent "digitally signed"... that shouldnt cause any problem, most video card drivers arent signed by microsoft for use on XP.
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    You really ought to get yourself a better graphics card. The Geforce 2 mx's were decent like 2 years ago, but now they are horrid. I could not imagine playing W3 like that. It is probably a combination of both your connection, and your card that is giving you trouble. If you update to say a ti4200 then the screen will scroll smoothly, and you will be able to run a much better resolution, and indulge in the wonderful eye candy that W3 has :D. I would also get a better connection which would definetly help. You cannot go wrong with your current system with a Chaintech Geforce 4 ti4200, and broadband :thumb: . (I just said Chaintech since they are my fav. graphics card company :)
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    Like xboy said it's probably a combination of the both... that IS a pretty crap video card and I don't even see how you can even run WC3 using that :eek:

    As for your modem, how fast do you connect? Are you playing with other 56kers or people with faster connections?

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