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Thread: strange characters during bootup ?????

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    I just put together my new p4 2.4G/gigabyte 800 fsb/corsair dualk channel ddr system and on bootup i get strange system characters like the smiley face etc randomly all over the monitor, some are in the way of the bootup messages. I tried another monitor and its the same. After the messages about finding drives etc the whole screen gets filled with these characters and I can't get to booting or into bios :snip:

    i was wondering if anyone knew a solution? i tried taking one of the sticks of ram out and it reduced the problem a little.. maybe i have an incompatibility??..

    any help would be appreciated !! oh, tthe graphics card is a sapphire 9800 256mb too..


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    I don't know the board, but that definitely doesn't sound right. I wonder if you've got some sorta boot virus or something that's infected the BIOS...

    Since you just bought it, I'd get it replaced.

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    Im thinking maybe you have a BIOS virus

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    no idea but did you try changing mobo battery? :shrug:
    btw what OS do you have...i have read that BIOS viruses can't harm you if you are on any NT based OS i.e. Win200, XP Pro or NT for that matter.
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