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Thread: USB Problems

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    I just installed a new motherboard and RAM and whenever I plug my keyboard and mouse in to the USB ports in the back, the keyboard and mouse won't work. They SOMTIMES work, but only for a few seconds. On the motherboard drivers CD there is a USB driver but I couldn't install it... its directions are different from what my computer is set up like. Someone please help me this is bugging the crap out of me (I'm on PS/2 right now). Thanks.

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    Some information regarding your system would be helpful, but otherwise I'd say to check the BIOS and make sure that all of your USB ports are enabled. On newer boards there is also commonly an option that forces the system to enable USB support for keyboards at the root level. And finally, USB is supported by any Win98SE and newer version of Windows, so you should at least get USB 1.1 support from the first install.

    Oh... and seeing as you just installed a brand new motherboard, did you reinstall the OS? If not, then you have likely found your problem. When the OS is first installed, it sets itself up to work with the chipset on the system board at that time. If you use the same install of Windows but change out the motherboard to a different chipset, then you're just asking for problems.

    Good luck.
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