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Thread: possible overheating?

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    i'm running windows 2000 pro. athlon 1.2ghz, 256 RAM. it's a Sony Vaio machine, treated me pretty well.

    yesterday, i restart, and it loads windows, logs me in, and then freezes as soon as it loads the desktop image, it stops. no desktop, no start menu, nothing. i can ctrl+alt+del, but when i select "task manager", nothing comes up.

    i boot up in safe mode, and try to scan my computer for viruses with norton's online scanner, but it won't let me. just plain old won't open the link.

    so i reformat my C: partition, install XP. but when that's done, it thinks that my network connection is unplugged (it isn't). also, "standby" is for some reason disabled, both in the "shut down" menu and in "power options".

    so i reformat again, put win2kpro back on. same problem.

    i unplug my system, take off the case, and set it in front of a fan for an hour. then i hook it back up (still sans case, and voila! my network connection is back. but still no standby.

    i continue to run it caseless for about 15 minutes. then, after i restart to complete some software installation, guess what? standby is back.

    does this just sound like an overheating problem? my system doesn't have much in the way of cooling capacity. should i be buying a better case fan?
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    i dont think its a overheating problem, if it was you system would just get slow... very slow, may be the memory, better test it!
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