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Thread: hard drive, computer acting strange...HELP!!!

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    yesterday i got my advance RMA'd hard drive from western digital, plugged it in, put the windows CD in the CD drive, turned the computer on, it went right into the windows setup menu....but then my POS video card pooped out on me. So i rebooted, and it just stayed like at the end of the POST. Swapped some cables around, reset CMOS, and then it would start up, and like literally 5 seconds later it would shut down. Rebooted, made sure everything was connected, etc. and it still did that. Last night i ripped it apart completly, switched the processor to another one that i just have sitting around (won it in a little contest), put everything back together, turned it on, and now it doesnt shut off automaticly, but the monitor is blank (when i turn the monitor on and off it says 'no signal. check connections') or whatever....

    What can this be? I know my hardware sucks arse for the most part (soyo dragon lite mobo, athalon 1.4 GHz processor, kingmax 256 PC2700 DDR, radeon 7500...thats the important stuff..then sound blaster live 5.1, 24x CDRW, DVD ROM, NIC card, volcano9 heatsink/fan...)

    I need suggestions as to what to do.....please help me out here, this summer i havnt been able to use the computer at all causes its been one thing after another,......

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    may be the memory, get a boot mem tester to see if that is the prob!
    Or get another stick od ddr to test!
    Happened to me... twice!
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    :confused look on face: Went back after posting, took the VC out, reset the CMOS, reset the video card again, switched the proessor back to the origional one, started up, WINDOWS is formatting the new partitions to get ready to so i guess its fixed...thanks anyway lol i still need a new computer badly:wow:

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