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Thread: Games crashing to desktop

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    Hi,When i play any of the latest Games like Flight sim 2004 and nascar 2003 ill be playing them for a few minutes and then all of a sudden they cash:confused: to the desktop and ill have to click the button on the bottom of the start bar to bring the game back ,My current setup is

    XP PRO SP1
    384 MB DDR RAM

    Any help would be great,Thanks in advance

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    More details on ya hardware like the motherboard and the ratin' of ya mismatched memory would help but what errors are bein' logged in the Event Viewer (Control Panel/Admin Tools/Event Viewer)? :?:
    Mind you there are 2 threads just below ya on practically the same topic. :rolleyes:

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    Default Re: Games crashing to desktop

    I have been having the same problem you are when I play Unreal Tournament 2K4. All of the sudden, maybe every 6 minutes or so, it switches me out of the game and into Windows desktop, and I have to click on the game application on the bottom to switch back into the game.

    I believe that the problem is software related and that another process is switching you back into to Windows to do/check something. After trial and error I THINK that it might be MSOFFICE.exe that's doing this (at least for me). After I kill msoffice.exe and go back to playing UT so far after 20 minutes it hasn't switched out of the game for me.

    Do you have the MSOFFICE toolbar running? If so kill it and see if that works.
    If not, see whatever processes you think might be doing it. If you're not sure then don't mess with one's you don't know (especially system processes).

    Let me know...


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