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Thread: CMOS Setting questions...

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    I have a Phoenix Award Bios on this system and its loaded full of options, most I understand (Mostly) but some I have alot of doubts about and the manual is nearly useless.

    If anyone can help me out on the right settings for my CMOS, please post ..
    System Specs;
    P4 2.4 ghz CPU (533)
    ATI Radeon 9800 pro
    512 2700 RAM 333 speed
    Biostar USeries U8598 Mainboard (VIA Chipset)
    160 GB Maxtor (8mb Buffer) Harddrive
    O.S. Win XP Pro

    Dram Control Rate (1T command or 2T Command)
    DRam Bust Len (4 or 8)
    Write Recovery Time (3T or 2T)
    AGP Aperture Size (AGP Mode, 128M, or 256M)
    AGP Master 1 WS Write and Read (enable or Disable)
    ------Writes\Reads to AGP are executed with 1 wait states.
    DBI Output for AGP trans (Enable or Disable)
    VLink 8X Support (Enable or Disable)
    System Bios Cacheable (Enable or Disable)
    Video Ram Cacheable (Enable or Disable)
    Delay Prior to Thermal (4min, 8min, 16min, 32min)
    IDE DMA Transfer Access (Enable or Disable)
    Onchip IDE Channel 0\1 (Enable or Disable)
    UR2 Duplex Mode (Full or Half)
    Midi Port Address (300, 330, 290, disable)
    midi port IRQ (5 or 10)

    Question, what are midi ports?

    CPU clock ratio
    Spread Spectrum (enable or Disable)
    CPU Clock (133 up to 165) set at 133
    CPU Voltage (set at 1.45 v)
    DDR voltage (set at 2.60 v)
    AGP Voltage (set at 1.50 v)
    DDRVTT Voltage (set at 1.25 v)

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    You're asking a little too much. It would take some pages to describe how these settings work, how they interact and potential causes of problems. You should try googling for most of these settings and THEN asking about the remainder in forums like this. hehe "sponge" is a good nick

    Here's a start. BUT find out what they do first

    Dram Control Rate 1T
    AGP Master 1 WS Write and Read Disable
    VLink 8X Support Enable
    System Bios Cacheable Enable
    Video Ram Cacheable Enable
    IDE DMA Transfer Access Enable
    Onchip IDE Channel 0\1 Enable
    Midi Port Address try 300
    midi port IRQ try 5

    Spread Spectrum Disable (contrary to poular belief)
    CPU Clock set at 133

    >CPU Voltage (set at 1.45 v)
    The 2.4B has variable VID leave it at what the BIOS picks up

    Leave DDR voltage (set at 2.60 v)
    Leave AGP Voltage (set at 1.50 v)
    Leave DDRVTT Voltage (set at 1.25 v)

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