I was recently given the above laptop for putting together a buddy's PC. At first, he wanted to repair it as the previous owner had tried to install a bootleg copy of WinXP on it and jacked it pretty good. The 10GB HD was formatted to NTFS, but the hardware wouldn't support XP (only 96MB of RAM). I overwrote the drive, reformatted to FAT32, installed Win98 and that seemed to work fine, though there was no sound and I had difficulty with drivers for the DVD drive as well. Once I was given the machine, I wanted a clean slate, so I overwrote the drive again. When trying to format....the HD is no longer found. Figuring that it was the HD itself that was giving me the problems, I bought a new 20GB HD from the same manufacturer as the first (Hitachi) which is supposed to be compatible. That one isn't recognized either. I looked for HD drivers on IBMs support pages, and the only one available is for NT. Am I dealing with a blown IDE controller on the mobo, or am I missing something about setting up a drive for a laptop?