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Thread: Pc Issue

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    Hi there,

    Two years ago I've upgraded my PC, from a 300MHZ celeron to a brand new P4 - 1.6 GHZ, I changed my case, processor, mb, memory, vga card, cdrom, and other minor changes but since I got all that stuff my pc hangs with blue screens or my games crashes at any time.

    Windows XP reports that it could be a driver problem. SO, I've updated all my drivers and software (including WinXP SP1 and all Windows Update stuff) and even my BIOS and the problem still there.

    Also, sometimes reports that there is a problem with my memory (2 dimms pc133 - 256mb, 512mb total memory) wich indicates that the memory could not be "read"/"write" and it suggests me to get the "windows memory diagnostic tool" to identify memory problems, I ran all tests and it couldn't find any problem.

    When playing Warcraft III also says that the memory could not be read/write and in theris forums says that some people has solved this problem changing their RAM. So, I thought it was a memory problem but now I place my memory in another computer and it didn't crashed, not even once!!! In facth, this is the computer. So, if it is not my memory, what else could it be???? I really need to solve this problem, and right now I don't have a real explanation...if it's not my memory or my vga card, or my drivers, or my OS, what else could be wrong?

    ohh, by the way, I also installed win2000 in case that it were an OS problem but it is the same.

    These are my pc especifications:

    INTEL 845HV MB - BIOS version p15
    INTEL P4 - 1.6GHZ processor
    2 dims PC133 - 256MB
    GeForce MX 440 - Nvidia 52.13
    Windows XP SP1/Windows 2000 SP4

    I know this is a large post, but I can't figure out that the problem is. Sorry for my english
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    could it be your motherboard doesn't support that high speed processor?

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    you are having this problem since last two years??? i must say you have loads of patience.
    have you tried looking into event viewer as to what is happening there. can you post data from any of your blue screens so that we can see what driver is giving u probs. also test your memory with memtest86. i am having a feeling that your mobo is faulty. most prolly your RAM Slots.
    Quote Originally Posted by lionofjudah
    could it be your motherboard doesn't support that high speed processor?
    his sig says an 845 board which afaik handles 1.6GHz pretty well.
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    hey hows it going I noticed you said you upgraded from a 300mhz to like a 1.6 and you listed all your parts you upgraded did you happen to use the same power supply as you had in your previous system if this is the case you most likely are not getting enough power to you system which is a prime trigger to all the problems you are having try seeing what your voltage readout is in your bios if that is not the case it just might be your motherboard.
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    Most P4 mobo's have an auxilary pin power connector on the mobo and if ya usin' ya old PSU then likely it does not supply enough power but doesn't have that additional plug either.

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    Hi there, Yes, I know all about that, but guess what! I'm using my PC right now, I've changed my RAM and I've been testing and everything seems to be in order :lips: .

    YES! 2 years but a few days ago I was getting the problem more frequently.

    I've tested the old memory with a lot of testing software and THEY PASSED ALL TESTS IN ALL SOFTWARE!!!. I exchanged my dimms with my little brother, I gave him my 2 dimms and he gave me 1, I've been testing and so he is, AND HE HAVEN'T GOTTEN ANY BLUE SCREEN OR CRASH!, BOY!!!

    by the way, obviously if I changed my case I change the power supply, in fact, I had understood that p4 processors needs a special power suply connector. Any ways, know I know my memory is not failing 'cause it's working fine with my brother's pc, also, I have my PC working fine but without 256mb less.

    Are my old dimms not 100% compatible with my INTEL 845HV? or is there another explanation?
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    c:\windows\system32\divxc32.dll Hacked with Joy !
    What is this? This is from your attachment.
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