I reformatted and old system (Win 95) and everything was fine until I hit Cont+Alt+Del by accident and the system shut down. It restarted with a blue screen of death. I rebooted and then I got a disk controller failure. I checked my connectoins and everything was fine, then I tried to put the harddrive on this system as a slave to see if it could read the drive but it could not see it either. The little green light on the drive keeps flashing but the drive can't be read.

One time when I rebooted this system with the drive in it I got a blue screen stating to run CHKDSK /F for harddisk corruption. I'm not sure how I could run CHKDSK from that point anyway. Is there a way before WinXP boots up?

Update----- Forget it.... The drive just started making a clunking noise. It's history .