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Thread: Problem -- Computer keeps turning off... Please help!

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    so it ended up being the ps? wow heh who would have guessed

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    Yeah... I wonder what happened to it. If it's something I did, or if it just went bad for no reason or what.
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    I think im having the same problems, but i have a new psu, 500 watts.

    I had this comp working a couple months ago, everything worked correctly, but sometimes it shut down randomly, probably b/c something was overheating. I have a amd 2800+ xp w/ asus a7n8x-E deluxe, ati radeon 9800 128mb, 1 gb corsair memory, 2 ide IBM hdd (sucky and what crashed) and 250gig WD sata drive (which i bought after the crash), and a 500w psu. I'm assuming it was probably the vid card overheating......

    One night after shutting down, i turned it back on, and it gave me the "hal.dll missing" thing. I looked on this website on details on what to do and set my comp startup to cd>floppy>hdd. I thought everything was solved, but when i reached that screen :*(. Sadness..

    Ive tried everything from different xp pro disks (sp1 and reg), using diff cd rom drives, and trying to clean install into the SATA drive alone (w/ the f6 and drivers). I also tried regular restoring w/ the SATA drive unplugged. But everytimg i end up at that screen, it crashes and im back to square one. I've tried to switch up the ram in diff orders, but no luck. I have ann all-in-one mobo, so im assuming theres no conflicts w/ the mobo's schtuff. In regards to the psu, i tried installing xp once w/ only the power plugged into the vid card, mobo, cdrom,floppydrive,and hdd.

    Helllp [email protected]@!!!

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