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Thread: CPU fan strange noise when booting?

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    Hi, im kinda a noob at cooling and tweaking in general, so i liked to know if you'd be able to leave me out of doubt...

    When i turn on my PC, (after being turned off for some hours, lets say when i turn it on in the morning) the CPU fan makes this strange loud noise, like it was misplaced somehow or sumtin, until 2 or 3 mins of activity, and from this moment forth it makes no unusual noise, so i wanted to ask if this is an anomaly somehow? or is this lowering performance? (the cpu temp keeps at 30C always anyway)

    my system specs are as follows (i checked all this stuff using SiSoftware Sandra):

    Intel Pentium III processor (667Mhz)
    performance rating: PR800 (estimated)
    type Standard
    CPU core voltage rating 1.700V
    (i dont know the fan's brand or anything, i bought the generic PC already hooked up)

    Board temperature 53.0C*
    CPU tempereture 30.0C

    auto fan speed control - Yes
    CPU fan speed 10213rpm

    CPU voltage 3.01V**

    * Sandra tells me that mainboard temperature is too high (above 50C) should that be related to this fan issue? (i have no extra cooling at all)

    ** Sandra tells me CPU Vcore is too high (3.01V), that it should not be higher than the cpu's default Vcore (1.700V), i checked the BIOS for Vcore settings but i cant access any of those, how can i fix this?

    Thank You

    (I think this message is not related to this forum, but as it is related to various issues i didnt know where to ask, mods can move it if they want, no prob)

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    There's nothin' wrong as that is usual with them when the HSF powered and controlled by the mobo but ya temps are bein' reported back to front and it's very likely that the HSF needs to be cleaned due to the temp shown which is likely just dust build up (this is usually why it'll sound loader than normal). Sandra is not always accurate with some systems (it actually can be quite buggy with some) which is likely why the temps are back to front and the voltage and fan speeds are wrong. Try MBM5 (if ya mobo is compatible with it) to see how if it reports differently. Also you were certainly right about this bein' in the wrong forum though as it certainly doesn't have anything what so ever to do with case moddin'.

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