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Thread: Windows boot up problem

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    I get an occasional problem when I boot up. All I get is the desktop background, but no icons and no menus. I reinstalled Windows which corrected this but it came up again and I'm concerned the problem come back forcing a re-installation. Why does this happen at all and what can I do to correct it? :confused:

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    if it happens again just CTRL+ALT+DEL
    choose new task, and type in explore.exe
    I never had that problem unless I overclocked a bit too much. :thumb:

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    I saw a similar thing once on a system that had downloaded some program from a web site (German cracker web site). Did you ever go to a web page and have IE ask you if you should install whatever from that web page? If so, go to C:\Windows\Downloaded program files,and uninstall some stuff (keep stuff such as Java runtime environment or Flash if their there but usually anything else can go). And if your using XP you can also use task manager (ctrl+alt+delete) to look at processes, which is great for locating hostile programs that find their way on to your hard drive. Of course, you might not know what should be there and what shouldn't, so that could be a useless solution (unless you want to take the time to post all of them). In the meantime, use the method Kane2g posted (assuming you can) and just restart explorer. Use an anti-virus or anti-spyware program, viruses and spyware seem to be the cause of these types of problems in Windows most of the time(although I guess it could be overclocking, although I have never had this type of thing happen from overclocking).

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