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Thread: system halts

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    hopefully one of you here can help me out.

    my setup:
    - MSI K7T Pro2-a
    - AMD Athlon 1GHZ
    - 512 133mhz ram
    - nvidia geforce 2mx 64mb
    - creative sb live

    my system will freeze randomly could be on for 30 mins. to 12 hours. no display on the monitor (black screen). no keyboard/mouse response. HDD light steady on. Only way to recover the machine is reboot via power button.

    I have determined that it is not the OS (running both linux & XP), not the hard drive, I have two hard drives. Not the video card, have tried three cards. Have tried two power supplies (but same model). I have done a memory test and come up with no errors. Also ran a HOT CPU demo version test CPU passed. Any suggestions appreciated. Thx.

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    have you tried to upgrade your bios? Note that flashing your bios is dangerous. Any single mistake you could render your motherboard dead! I don't recommend flashing it. But maybe it could help and maybe there is a bug in your bios.:)

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    I Had near the same problem: black screen, HDD light on, no keyboard/mouse response. Except the reset button would not work for me and the freeze came 1 to 5 minuets. After intensive testing components and OS and Hair pulling I discovered it was my MSI K7T Pro2-a motherboard. Apparently there is a known capacitor problem with them. These boards have a three warranty on them check with MSI.

    I solved the problem by buying a new motherboard and ram, (Gigabyte GA-7VT60) .

    Hope this helps. -Anthony

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    try to clear the BIOS through the jumper onboard, sometimes it may requirer the battery to be taken out...check your manual, but i think this might help... good luck
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