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Thread: Video Card install problems

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    Ok, I just got a Radeon 9600xt and was looking forward to a quality gaming experience. After uninstalling my old geforce 2 mx, drivers and all, I put in my new card and restarted. The monitor wouldn't load anything. It just sat there showing a black screen of nothingness. I pulled out the 9600 and put the GF2 back in. Computer and Monitor loaded up fine. Put 9600 back in and this time i got picture on the computer.
    I installed the drivers and restarted the comp. Same problem, the monitor wouldn't display anything. Put the GF2 back in and everything was fine. Put the Radeon back in and the screen loaded. I then downloaded the newest Catalyst drivers and installed them. Of course a reboot followed and I got the same problem, the screen won't show anything.
    If I put the GeForce 2 card in first, let Windows Xp Pro load fully, shut down and put the Radeon in and restart, things are fine.
    Both cards are AGP, XP is updated and the old drivers are uninstalled. I tried to check for motherboard updates but I have a Compaq 7110us (I bought this before I really got into computers) and they don't give me any indication of what the board actually is. It says VIA on the board but no model number or anything. The Compaq website has product specifications for my computer but they are wrong.
    Any ideas on what I can do to fix this problem??:shrug:

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    I am guessing it will be a voltage issue. Given the age of the current video board, it is likely the mainboard is at least from this same era? If so, then you're likely pushing 3.3v through the AGP slot. Modern video boards don't play well on anything over 1.5v (or AGP4x standard boards). Hopefully you haven't damaged your new 9600XT. :wow:
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