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Thread: bad visuals on pc!

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    i dont know if this is a hardware or software problem so i just decided to post it here. (sorry if posted in wrong place) ok my computer's visuals are very ugly..whether im watching a movie or playing a pc game ..the shading looks horrible, shadows, backgrounds and upclose shots are usually purple or white. kinda shiny in a way..looks like the computer is making its own glare...thats my best description..hopefully anyone can understand.. sorry if u cant

    heres a pic of what a vid file looks like on my computer...hopefully it will come out messed up and that u guys can see it the way i see it.

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    Aside from looking a little stretched, it looks like this, which looks good to me:

    EDIT: If it's happening all the time, then it sounds like a screen or gamma issue, cos what you posted looks fine aside from the stretching.. Have you got another screen you can test? What video card?

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    Yes the picture also looks good to me.
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    Both doors in that pic have a tint of purple. Is that what your talking about? Its hard to tell if its suppost to be like that or not. Otherwise its gotta be your monitors settings. Does it happen throught your computer, or only when playing games and watching movies?

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    ok then it must be just me that can see it and for everyone else it comes out vid card is a radeon 9500 pro with the newest drivers and all that other mumbo jumbo...i can not see what that pic looks like on another computer ..well for tonight anyways. maybe it is my screen or gamma...which i tried to fix in the advance settings in the displays (perhaps im doing it wrong)..and it happens to everything from desktop, to pic files, games can anyone help ..pls

    and if u need me to be more specific just ask what other details you need.

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