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Thread: Athlon XP 1600+ crashes with more ram

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    I spent abit of time just recently over at OCWorkbench's ECS forum on some corruption issues that suddenly turned up and when I discovered that the forum had been split into 2 due to the amount of info there. :eek:
    A couple of things that did come out was a hate of usin' 2 sticks of SDRAM and bein' very fussy about PSU's. My prob seems to be a PSU degradiation as they recommend 1 that will supply a total of 180w+ (200w to be safe) combined across the 3.3 and 5 volt rails, the PSU I have is rated at 165w and after 6mths this seems to have fallen to a level that won't let me run at 133/133 in any shape or form though 100/133 with ultra memory timings is no prob, though runnin' a 1.2 T'bird at 900MHz is rather sad. :(
    A 420w Topower PSU is on its way though with a 220w rating across those two rails but it's a bit disappointing to have to use a PSU that costs as much as the motherboard to run it though. :(

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    Damn i didn't think that the PSU would do that Wiggo, I'll have to keep that in the records if i run across one. Well Wiggo look at the bright side, You got a better PSU for Computer ;)

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