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Thread: System reboots when it feels like it

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    Ever since i got my rig running again it rebootsd from time to time.....once over night (just running seti), twice surfing the web, and once at idle.......

    I have all updated drivers and what not.....power definately should not be a problem, as i just put in a thermaltake 480w xaser PSU....this thing has been rock solid with no flucutations....

    my OC is not extreme and is stable as well....

    i did just install a new seagate barracuda drive, which i thought might be the problem, however i ran their diagnostic and it showed it in perfect health.....

    Norton AV just finsihed scanning and came up with nothing, as did ad-aware....

    I'm really stumped here....any clues?

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    my OC is not extreme and is stable as well....
    Do you have any tempatures to provide? :?: And also you may just try running at stock speeds and see fixes anything.
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    temps are 27mobo/47cpu under full load and 22/40 idle all at about 20 room temps......

    yea i just kicked my memory down from 2-2-3-7 to 2-3-3-7 but i doubt its going matter much, but im trying to little by little to narrow it down that way.....if it kicks off again, ill kick it to 2.5-3-3-7

    see the thing is its not like my system does it every 20 mins....more like every 4-6 hours.....

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