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Thread: raid problems on abit ic7-g

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    Question raid problems on abit ic7-g

    g'day people i have a problem with my raid array

    system specs:
    abit ic7-g
    p4c 3.2ghz
    1024mb corsair xms3200LL dual channel memory
    2x western digital raptors 10000rpm serial ata hd drives running in raid 0 array
    radeon 9700 pro
    antec truepower 550watt psu
    windows xp and service pack 1

    i was in windows last night and my system rebooted, at first i thought that it was a windows system error. However when my system failed to restart that i knew it had someting to do with my raid controller. Normally when booting a recieve a screen which details that raid array, and its status. This no longer happend, instead a recieved a conformation that a piece of software had failed to initialize. Consecutive restarts had no effect, neither did turning of the tower. In the end i turned of the tower and left it for a while, the botted about 5mins later, this fixed the problem. I did not loose any data, and everything is working fine know. But the question remains as to what caused the problem, and if it will ever happen again. Also is this signaling the failure of my mobo. As an extra note a i was running a radeon 9800 pro, but i was suffering from occasional image corruption, so it has been sent back to the distributor as a waranty claim. It sounded like a memory corruption problem on the graphics card, at the time, but know with the problem with the raid controller i'm not certain. I'm wondering whether the mobo is faulty.

    Any comments would be great

    thank you

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    I have BS problems like that all the time, though I don't utilize my ide channels w/ raid. As long as you know what settings you currently have in bios it wouldn't hurt to reset it. What were you doing when the system crashed? Do you have anything o/c that might just need alittle more juice? Generally these are the most common problems when it can't be blamed on the os or software. Otherwise, you might check around and see if others have had probs with that board.
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    i was changing between dvd's when the machine crashed, but windows likes to crash regularly so i was not fased. I had been running that system configuration, (it also includes a creative sound blaster audigy 2 platnum zx), for just over 6 months with no problems. It was the occurance of several problems within a few days that got me thinking whether the mobo might be starting to fail. I don't overclock any of my components, everything runs at stocks standard speeds.
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