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Thread: crash to desktop in every games

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    Default crash to desktop in every games

    I'm having a weird issue with my computer:
    CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2600+ Thoroubred B (166 FSB)
    cpu fan: Thermaltake Volcano 7+ (on high speed during summer)
    RAM: 1gig of Corsair Dual channel ram 333mhz
    Motherboard: MSI K7N2 Delta ILSR (Nforce 2)
    Videocard: MSI 5900XT 128megs
    Sounds and network card = onboard
    Powersupply: Thermaltake 420watts
    Pionneer DVD reader
    Yamaha 16X10X40
    Windows XP Pro sp1
    Maxtor ata 133 40gigs 7200rpm
    Maxtor ata 133 80gigs 7200rpm
    Tower: Lian-li PC-6080

    When I put my bios at FSB speed: 166
    I play to any games and get dropped to desktop within 10min (Far Cry, Battlefield 1942, need for speed underground, Dark age of camelot, etc- all solo and multiplayer mode-)
    I usualy get somekind of lag then get dropped to desktop.

    at FSB:133 = samething
    at FSB:100 = get dropped to desktop occasionnaly

    I have changed my motherboard, cpu and memory for what I listed above. I changed them a year ago to try to solve the problem. I also changed the videocard and powersupply recently

    I did a memory test (docmem2) for a full night, I tested both harddrive with maxtor diagnostic tool, and reformated both with low level format, I reinstalled Windows XP with 2 differents CDs (1 xp and the other XP SP1).
    I changed the IDE cable for a round cable.

    I installed only the latest driver from Nvidia for the nforce and videocard.
    DirectX 9.0b

    Edit: Forgot to tell that I tried to unplug the 2nd harddrive and the dvd-reader and burner

    I tried everything I could think of, and I am really lost as to what is happening
    Any suggestions?

    (sorry if the post seems kind of hectic, because I am doing it with lots of frustration)
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    Default Re: crash to desktop in every games

    Is the volcano7+ plugged into the mobo?
    athlon [email protected](12x204)
    tt aquariusII liquid cooled/ arctic silver ceramique
    asus a7n8xe-dlx
    thermaltake xaserIII lanfire
    bfg 6800gt
    seagate sataII 250gb/seagate 7200rpm 160gb ide
    samsung dvdrw
    2x1024 kingston hyper-x pc3200/ windows xp pro sp3
    logitech mx518/ logitech wingman rumble
    2x samsung 955df 19"/ canon i960
    creative x-fi fatal1ty 64mb/ altec lansing 251-5.1
    mushkin 550w

    opteron 146 @ 2850 (10x285)
    DFI infinity nf4 ultra
    thermaltake tsunami dream -black
    seagate sataII 500gb
    evga 8600gt oc ssc edition
    samsung sata dvd-rw
    2x1024 ocz black
    logitech ifeel/ nec accusync 75f
    ocz fatal1ty 550w

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    Default Re: crash to desktop in every games

    That is a quite bizarre problem. Maybe the ram is faulty? I'm almost lost in this one.

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    Default Re: crash to desktop in every games

    A volcano 7 on a 2600+? what are your temps full load?

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    Default Re: crash to desktop in every games

    I have pretty much the same setup, but with a 450 Watt PS and a Thermotake Volcano 11+ HSF and my games are stable.

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    Default Re: crash to desktop in every games

    grypht have you tried raising the memory voltage to 2.7-2.8v to see if that will cure your problem plus have you checked the Event Viewer for any red flagged errors?

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