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Thread: pc not working in windows?

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    Question pc not working in windows?

    i have put together a pc for my step-father. all the hardware is used except the case, which is brand new.
    the other hardware was used by myself in a antec 1080amg case without problem.

    i will try and describe as much as possible.
    i used Dban to do a deep foramt of the drive before i pulled it from the antec case
    i removed all hardware from my existing case and installed it in the new case. while doing this i unlocked the heatsink and was about to remove it. i then remembered that it would be staying with the motherboard and re-locked the heatsink down.
    once all was installed i hooked up the power cords,monitor, etc... when trying to boot it wouldn't post? i rechecked all ide and power connections, but still nothing. i google searched the web for help. i read to remove all hardware except PSU,CPU and mobo. still no post. i tried the PSU from my antec case and had the same problem. i then removed the heatsink to check the cpu. upon removing the heatsink, the cpu came off with it. i thought this to be odd as the cpu lock was still in the locked position. upon checking the cpu, i found no bent pins and proceded to reseat it lock it down and apply fresh thermal paste. i then installed ram and video card and hooked it up to a monitor. it posted and was left at the obvious no hard disk error. i then connected the rest of my devices and installed xp. i had forgot to connect the ps2 mouse during the install, but was able to get through with the KB. upon installation, xp would not recognize the video card. it was an old stealth64 (no drivers on website for xp). i then tried a viper 770(tnt2) and it would not post? i emailed the guy who i bought it from and he said he had it running on 3 different machines??? i then tried an s3trio windows picked this one up, but was slow to install it, as well i was unable to get into my device manager? i was told this was a software issue and proceded to reinstall. i tried booting from a floppy to reinstall, but i was getting a floppy drive error. the light was on and i could hear it check the floppy, but kept getting the error. i had to make a cd boot disc with latest bios. i flashed without problem and then tried floppy again. still no floppy. i used a boot cd with zapdisk to delete the 0 sector and then xp's format utilty. the install went fine with use of KB and mouse. i noticed the monitor flicked on and off a couple of times. i had also downloaded WD's disc doctor to check the HD from my other machine, but this one would load into windows now and won't read the floppy disc. now it boots fine and gets to the welcome screen, then the it locks up.
    my next step is to make a boot cd of the WD software a check the drive. i also have another vid card to try, but i find it odd that all this hardware worked in my other case and now i'm having so much trouble.

    please help me! i'm going crazy!!

    pc hardware:
    P4 2.4B
    MSI GNB Max
    Mushkin 512MB pc2100
    S3/trio 4MB pci
    WD 80GB HD
    Plextor 24x10x40
    400 watt p4 atx case
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    Default Re: pc not working in windows?

    latest events:

    used WD's hard drive checker to check drive (OK) and then right zero's (OK). did a reinstall and all went well through install, except a few screen flashes during device setup and then hang on first welcome screen. i have a disk verifier that checks individual components, but have to make a emulated bootable cd of my floppy troubleshooter (still not able to boot from floppy in bios)

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    Default Re: pc not working in windows?

    can anybody recommend a pc hardware/software site that may be able to help me?

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