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Thread: Sound acceleration.

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    Default Sound acceleration.

    I was getting system restarts using a couple of video games (GTA VC, and occasionally Simpsons H&R and THUG2.) I called the company that made one of the problematic games and after going through several troubleshoots it was found that my sound acceleration needed to be turned down using the direct X diagnostic tool in Win XP to solve the problem.

    My question is what does sound acceleration do? My sound is still the same, the only difference is the games don't crash.

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    Default Re: Sound acceleration.

    Good question, but more importantly (at least for now) is how do you keep acceleration turned down? Is there a registry fix?

    In Win XP SP2 I turn down the acceleration but when I boot up later it is back to full. Now I need to remember to turn it down every time I boot.

    Googling for an answer I see gazillion advice how to turn it off in either Control Panel or Dxdiag. None mention that it resets to full and how to keep it turned down or off. Even Microsoft Knowledge has yielded no answer.

    ---- EDIT ----
    Bah! Nevermind, I got it to change correctly. I always hit Exit after the change, this time I did a Save All Information, made a little file then hit Exit. Rebooted and the change was still there.
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