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    ok strange one here,

    i have an average to ok pc,p4 2.6 800 fsb,p4p800,1g geil 3200,80g sata,ati radeon 9800xt,audigy2zs.
    my friend has,p4 3.4 800fsb,p4p800-e,1g samsung 3200,80g sata-160g sata,ati radeon x800 pro,audigy2 zs platinum.

    the wierd bit is mine boots faster,loads everything faster and gets roughly the same 3d mark scores.
    i checked all his bios settings and they're all same or close to mine but just cant get his to run how it should,
    i mean the x800 should give him better scores on its own even if all the rest was same.i even tried running him on one h/d to see if this was slowing it but no change!?!?

    anyone got any ideas wot to try next?

    p.s. forgot to mention it shouldn't be psu related
    cos i have an old coolermaster centurion case with the 450 that came with and he has a thermaltake xaser111 with the silentpower 480 which should be more than man enough for the job!
    thx in advance for any help

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    Default Re: puzzled

    Make sure he's using the latest Catalysts. Read the Catalyst Installation Guide at and make sure you get the version with the Catalyst Control Center when you download the Catalysts.

    The problem could also be that he simply has too many applications running in the background. Read the Windows XP Tweagking Guides at

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    yeah i got the latest catalysts but why with the control center?

    i got the tabbed version. i thought about running tasks and tried cosing all un-needed ones but he does use norton av and firewall and they seem to be a bit hungrier than my avg and za.
    sent him the link to tweakguide last night so i'll probly be summonned round to do it lol.
    trouble is he got some 'guru' to build his and i dont think he's quite as good as he thinks he is

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