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Thread: New AMD Machine Won't Install XP

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    Default Re: New AMD Machine Won't Install XP

    Heh, I said i would eventually post the name of that setting, and true to my word, here it is... He turned off ACPI in my bios. So sorry for not posting that months ago :`( In any case, i have been doing battle once again trying to get my machine to be a dual boot with xp /fedora core 4 linux and i must say that has been quite an ordeal --I accidentally destroyed my MBR and hard drive partition table, effectively nuking xp :P -- causing me to reinstall my OS(es) many, many times. I'll check back on this board in a week to see if there is any response or any more questions. Once again, I am sorry to leave you guys just hanging there.


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    Default Re: New AMD Machine Won't Install XP

    Wow! sorry guys, I forgot all about this thread, and actually haven't been around the forums at all, looks to be about a year now. My machine is still running strong with the 2500+ that I had working before, so I didn't bother messing with any more settings. If it ain't broke, don't fix it; right?

    Now I'm actually having an issue with my new Pentium D machine, but that will be a new post.
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