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Thread: overheat restart STOP 0x0000009C (0x00000004, 0x00000000, 0xb2000000, 0x00020151)

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    Unhappy overheat restart STOP 0x0000009C (0x00000004, 0x00000000, 0xb2000000, 0x00020151)

    Ok, computer-restarts-itself, overheat issue.
    It hasn't restarted itself since then, but when it did, it did not have auto-shutdown-on-overheat turned on in the BIOS, and now I'm experiencing video errors when I move the mouse.

    The error message is, again, as follows:
    STOP 0x0000009C (0x00000004, 0x00000000, 0xb2000000, 0x00020151)

    The computer in question is a FX-55 in a DFI Lanparty UT NForce4 Ultra mobo, with stock heatsink & thermal grease put on by the place I bought it from.
    Memory is Corsair Twinx2048-3200C2PT.
    Graphics is a temporary stand-in $30 special from Jaton in a PCI slot.
    (I have a real monster on backorder...)
    HD is a Western Digital 74gb Raptor.
    Total of 4 case fans, still runs hot all the time.

    So the question is: What did I fry and what do I do?
    - The video card is what I hope I fried, because it's (in this case) a lot cheaper than the processor.
    - Or I could have baked the memory, maybe? That'd be even better luck, but (please GOD) not door number 3...
    - The processor itself. Please, God, no
    - The mobo. ("Duhh, oh well, just the motherboard..." still costs less.)
    I have no idea which it is, or even how to check.
    Anybody know?
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    Default Re: overheat restart STOP 0x0000009C (0x00000004, 0x00000000, 0xb2000000, 0x00020151)

    What are your running temperatures like?

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    Default Re: overheat restart STOP 0x0000009C (0x00000004, 0x00000000, 0xb2000000, 0x00020151)

    STOP: 0x0000009C (0x00000004, 0x00000000, 0xb2000000, 0x00020151) ...

    Striaght from the source of our good friend, the master of the BSOD, Microsoft.

    Summary: Yep something's fried, set all to stock specs iif not already (hint: just clear cmos), and start swaping parts.

    Oh and whats the specs on the psu?
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    Question Re: overheat restart STOP 0x0000009C (0x00000004, 0x00000000, 0xb2000000, 0x00020151)

    Hello. I stumbled on this topic through google and registered because I'm receiving the same error on a client's computer. I just wanted to get an educated second (or third!) opinion on this one. He said that out of the blue it started freezing up before windows would even load. After several attempts it would start and work. I thought at first (no stop errors) it might just be a windows problem so I reformatted and reinstalled windows, which went smoothly, but only to have it freeze when loading again. I did get that stop error though at one point afterward.

    Since then I've swapped the PSU, RAM, and I tweaked some bios settings. While I was doing that I ended up disabling CPU L1 and L2 cache and the computer did end up starting up, albeit very slowly. My question, do you think it would be safe to assume it's the CPU? It's a Celeron 370 mhz (couldn't find any jumpers or bios settings for CPU speed) CPU. One other thing, when I was changing the PSU I noticed one chassis fan wasn't working, when I plugged everything back in it started up again though using a different power cord from the PSU. I was, however, getting the same results regardless of power supply. Thank you in advace;


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    Default Re: overheat restart STOP 0x0000009C (0x00000004, 0x00000000, 0xb2000000, 0x00020151)

    You could try running memtest86+ but if you are getting things going by disabling the caches then it seems to be the CPU at fault.

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