hi ppl....

got me self some big problems right now...my cpu temp has been consistently going over 85C when i play games and sometimes peak at 90C but b4 i proceed let me give the specs first...anyway the temp peaking is for extremely short period of times only....

abit ai7 mobo
p4 3.06gig made in costa rica if i remember well
seagate barracuda 80gig sata drive
asus a9550ge 128mb display
creative audigy ls sound
corsair twinx pc3200 ddr400 platinum 2x256mb ram2
one 120mm intake fan at the front of casing
one 120mm exhaust at the back of the casing
2 x 90mm fans in the power supply unit with one being exhaust fan and the other as the suction fan

my problem is that the temps kept shooting up at startup and when i play the game...its giving me the goosebumps...so i just changed my HSF to hyper 48 from cooler master and still the temperature is operating in the range of 55 to 65 C..... what can i do? the thermal paste is also from cooler master which i might change to arctic ceramique but waiting for help first...i would like it to operate at about 30 to 40C without water cooling so that i play with some overclocking...

what do u guys think? what is the problem? also now my nfs is jerky when i play....