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Thread: Do DVD zones matter on PC?

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    Default Do DVD zones matter on PC?


    I'd like to be able to play a zone 1 DVD, but I live in France and my TV set will only play zone 2. The DVD's in case only come as zone 1, and have never been produced for zone 2.

    Can my PC do the job? I've got Power DVD, and it allows five switches between zones, which I've never used. I know it can play zone 2, which is what it was set to.

    So it looks simple, all I've got to do is switch Power DVD to zone 1, and Bob's your uncle.

    BUT, descriptions of zone restrictions also mention monitor requirements. Now, I've got a Gateway computer with a Gateway monitor, marketed to European customers.

    Will I be able to play zone 1 DVD's therefore once I switch Power DVD over to zone 1? Or will there be monitor compatibility issues?

    I'd like to know before going into a rather hefty expense on a set of DVD's. I'm not very techy, and I'm not sure this is the right forum...

    Thanks for your attention and help.


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    Default Re: Do DVD zones matter on PC?

    Yes you can change zones and the video should play normally, BUT...

    Check the documentation on your DVD player (yes, even those for the PC) as they usually have a limit on how many times you can change the zone. When you hit the limit, the player stays in the last zone it was run in and cannot be changed again. This limit is usually in the area of 2-3 times, so be careful. There used to be firmware updates to bypass this, but I haven't been hearing about them anymore.
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    Default Re: Do DVD zones matter on PC?

    Dear Darthtanion.

    How kind of you.

    And helpful.

    Yes, I'm aware of it, it only allows five changes.

    Which is fine, as we mean to watch zone 2 on our TV set, and keep the PC for zone 1.

    Thank you kindly.


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