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Thread: PC Keeps Restarting

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    Default PC Keeps Restarting

    My pc shuts down randomly but a few things can trigger it sometimes too (turning on my light, closing the drawer on my desk, opening cd drive right after it restarts so it doesn't boot from cd)

    I've tested my hard drive and memory and they're both good. My CPU and system temps are around 50 and 25 degrees.

    I turned off automatic restarts but I don't get an error message or a blue screen.

    None of the restarts have been reported in any error logs.

    It was running perfectly for over two months.

    I'm using
    an Aspire X-QPack case
    MSI RS480 (939 w/ ATI X200)....using integrated video
    2 512 Kingston Ram (3200)
    60 gb Maxtor IDE Hard drive
    BenQ DVD writer and ROM
    AMD Athlon 3000+
    Windows XP Pro SP1

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    Default Re: PC Keeps Restarting

    Most random reboots like you describe are caused by either overheating or a PSU that isn't up to the task at hand. Your temps don't seemtoo outrageous so I'd start by trying out a more powerful power supply. If you have a buddy with a more powerful one that would give you an idea of whether it is your problem.
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    Post Re: PC Keeps Restarting

    Since restarting happens even when you make things on the desk that you have your PC on, then maybe the problem could be with some loose electrical connection in your motherboard. So check all connections, if the problem persists, use a different PSU. ALso chech the voltage on the startup in Bios for all the lines and see if maybe they are out of range.

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