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Thread: 2 memories sticks causing problems

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    Default 2 memories sticks causing problems

    First off, my specs are in my signature. I upgraded from a 2.0Aghz CPU and started to have problems with errors and random rebooting. I found that if I removed one of my memory sticks then all the problems went away. Either stick used alone would cause no problems but if both were together that I have crashing and error messages galore. Now I need some suggestions as to what the actuall problem might be. since either stick works I don't think that the memory is the problem, especially because it worked fine with the old processor. Also, I tried a 3.0ghz processor and same exact probs, so I think that the processor can be ruled out. Just to mention it. I;ve tried two PSUs and the same outcome with either of them. As far as I can guess either there is some weird problem with the mobo or some strange compatability issue. Any suggestions??
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    Default Re: 2 memories sticks causing problems

    First, be sure that the jumper's are set correctly for the memory configuration you are wanting to use. I know my mobo has to have the jumper's set right to run more than one stick of ram.

    Other than that, I have no idea.

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    Default Re: 2 memories sticks causing problems

    Did you clear CMOS after installing the new processor? Your old CPU most likely ran @ a 400MHz FSB and that new one runs @ 800. Fi so, then the ram is most likely running the wrong speeds causing errors. You could also check in bios and make sure the ram is running DDR400 or 200MHz, whichever your particular bios uses for PC3200 specs.
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