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Thread: Problems turning on my pc

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    Unhappy Problems turning on my pc

    Ok basically i assembled a new computer about 3 months ago, and everything worked fine until a few days ago when i smelled burning plastic coming out of the psu and it was hot causing the computer to shut down after 15 min of being on.

    No big deal i wnet a bought a new one and installed it, but when i switch the power on the light of the mobo turns on for less than a sec (and all ventilators start spining) and then everything shuts down (before any image is even show on screen), there are no beeps on the motherboard. As soon as i connect the power it turns on and off almost inmediatly.

    I tried a few things i read on this forum (before posting this thread) like replacing cables, testing different psu's, resetting cmos, changing the cpu fan and i always get the same result.

    Here was my original build that worked for about 3 months:

    - PSU: 500watts with 24 pin connector
    - Mobo: Asus A8N-E
    - Video: GeForce 7800gt PCI-E (not overclocked)
    - Processor: Athlon 3800+ socket 939 (not overclocked)
    - Memory: 4X512mb kingstone Hyper X (2gb total) (default timings)
    - Hard disks: Samsung SATA 150 (160gb), Maxtor PATA 30 gb
    - Drives: Floppy disk drive, MSI DVD burner, Samsung 52 cd reader
    - Addtional data: Cooler: zalman purecopper 120mm fan, Average processor temp 39 degrees celsius, average mobo temp 44 degrees celsius

    After the problem started y bought a 680 watts power supply (with a 20 pin conector) and tested it, same result, then bought a 20 to 24 pin adapter and same result, then tested it with a 480 watt unit with 24 pin conector getting always the same result.
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    Default Re: Problems turning on my pc

    The problem you're describing almost always indicates that something is shorting out the board or that the board is dead. The former possibility is generally when you have improperly mounted the board. Since it worked fine for some time, that's not an option. I'm betting your board is dead. RMA it.

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    Default Re: Problems turning on my pc

    Thank you for the quick reply, i suspected as much, RIP motherboard.

    Too bad that living in Venezuela the cost of sending it back to the US equals the cost of a new board. Time to pay a little visit to amazon.
    Beware, you who seek first and final principles, for you are trampling the garden of an angry god and he awaits you just beyond the last theorem.

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