I have a new Dell E310 with Windows XP (not sure if more info on this is needed). My problem is that none of my windows screensavers will work (these are the original ones that come with windows - not ones that I've downloaded). I can view them when I scroll through the list of them through the display properties, but even setting the display time down to one minute does nothing. I read somewhere that having a wireless keyboard and mouse (it's a microsoft) will sometimes interfere, and I've tried moving the mouse and keyboard into another room to see if there was something to that, but they still won't come on. Is there something else that I'm doing wrong? Or is there a setting somewhere that I haven't adjusted right?

I know the easy fix is to just turn off the monitor if I'm not using it, but I really do like the screensavers and would like to use them... they just won't turn on for some reason. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance for any help-