Ill be listening to music and whatnot and the volume will drop to about half it's normal level (i.e full volume will become half of what normally was) and ill have to crank it up all the way to hear it just enough (I like my music loud for listening to all around my house so this is a big problem), it never does this while the sound is playing, but randomly it will do this when I stop the music and start playing it again or when theres a period of silence (where im not running anything) and I turn something with sound on or when I turn the volume down for a while and try to turn it back up. (does this for WinMedia Vids music, Itunes, games, msn alerts etc. basically anything with sound will not go very loud anymore.)

I cannot find the source of the problem and currently the only way to deal with it is to turn my independent speaker volume control all the way down and restart my computer, my theroy is this re-calibrates the volume level however i'd rather not restart my computer all the time.