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Thread: BSOD and

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    Please help...let me summarize my problem and what I have taken to correct
    it. Gran a chair, I might be a few minutes.

    Bought new Dell4400 in January. Out of the box, was getting a irql
    less/equal to zero with stop 0x000000a. Here is the exact error message
    with parameters:
    Error code 0000000a, parameter1 00000004, parameter2 00000002, parameter3
    00000000, parameter4 804ed849.

    It will happen intermittently, really only when I selected or made some
    action with the mouse. I never hooked up the printer, only the subwoofer
    and wireless mouse/keyboard receiver.

    Here is what I tried to resolve it:
    -Updated all drivers...mouse/keyboard/video card, sound card, etc.
    -Updated NewBios
    -Downloaded win debug, and debugged it about 1/2 way but got lost. I think
    it might have to do with IRQ11, but am not positive.
    -spent about 10 hours on the phone with dell and got nowhere.
    -they sent new harddrive...very bare with nothing installed (office, cd
    burning software, etc)....but system still crashes.
    -sent new mouse, keyboard and receiver...still crashes.
    -ran all troubleshooters through device manager, and it reports everything
    is working correctly.

    Ok, now I am pretty sure it is some type of driver/hardware conflict. I want
    to note two things:
    1. When selecting control panel/system/hardward/sharing,conflicts- it says
    the drivers are not installed or are defective. (this is with the new mouse
    and me loading them also showed them on the old mouse, even
    with updated drivers).
    2. When running win debug, I seem to remember it saying it was irq 11. My
    fax modem (loaded, which I dont use) and my network card share that
    irq...but I have an ethernet cable modem, so I dont even use the fax modem.

    Any help would be extremely appreciated, particulary with debugging the stop
    code...the 2nd parameter and 4th parameter remain pretty constant.



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    Without getting too involved with the actual problem, if this has been happening since you had it, then get with Dell. We use a few Dells at work, and they are very good about sending you a replacement and then just having you send back the non-functioning one.

    The fact that it was happening right out of the box points towards a faulty imaging of the installation when the machine was manufactured.

    Oh... and if you really want to debug the error codes, then just copy the exact code and throw it into the MSKB and see where it takes you. They normally have a pretty extensive listing of the error codes and possible fixes.
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