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Thread: Multiple Errors, Help would greatly be appreciated

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    Default Multiple Errors, Help would greatly be appreciated

    Hi guys, I'm new here and I really hope you guys could give me some useful advice, I've searched the web in every single corner but I could not find a solution for my issues

    My Computer is.. Definately not the best but the specs are

    Antec 500W
    ASUS A8N-E Socket 939
    inno3D GeForce 6800 XT 128MB
    Western Digital 200G
    2x 512MB DDR400 Kingston

    I have massive issues with the following errors

    0x000000EA (0x85EE1020, 0x86995008, 0xF78BACB4, 0x00000001)
    THREAD_STUCK_IN_DRIVER nv_disp.dll



    For this error, I didnt take down the additional information.. I know it's vital but I can't find any paper when I get this error >_>;;

    I've only recently replaced my motherboard and I get the 0x0000009C thanks to that.. pfft... but I've always had the 0x000000EA and I have done every possible solution they've provided online.. The last think i really want to do is make a new computer (because I'm poor)

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    Default Re: Multiple Errors, Help would greatly be appreciated

    Well, that looks like a video driver issue. Use driver cleaner and clean out all the Nvidia drivers. Then, reinstall the 81.98 drivers and see what happens. 6800 series cards always worked best for me on the 81.98 drivers.

    On a sidenote, when was the last time you did a full format/fresh install? How many changes have you made without doing that as well? Working on PC's will always make you poorer......
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    Default Re: Multiple Errors, Help would greatly be appreciated

    The last time i did a full system reformat was 4 days ago. But apparently the 0x0000009C is the bigger issue.. not the dsiplay driver anymore..

    I've never had this error (9C) before i changed my motherboard.. so.. yehh its probably that.

    Well I'll try what you said for the driver and ill give you the results.. Although EA barely strikes anymore

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