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Thread: Help me out! To build or not to build?

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    Smile Help me out! To build or not to build?

    Hi people,

    Well I just got an invitation from my friend to work in his new pet project. But I am bit too unsure whether I really want to take part in his project.

    Basically, he is building a web platform where users can easily select and put together computer hardware components to create their desired computer configuration. The platform also checks the components and ensures that all are compatible with each other.

    His inspiration came from his own experience when built his first computer where he had to put together motherboards, memory cards, graphic cards and so on but was clueless about the compatibility. He went on to the internet and saw many others had the same problem.

    Well, the idea does interest me. It can save tons of time and effort but what I am concerned about is whether there is already such a platform out there in the internet ? There is no point in reinventing the wheel, right ?

    On top of that, I have my reservations whether people really want this kind of a platform and would appreciate it ?

    So, I am stuck in a dilemma . My smartie friend told me that he is nearing completion but needs me to tie up the loose strings and polish up the code. I have yet to decide. I guess my friend is seriously into this project but I am still wavering.

    So my fellow techies, I seek your advice and thoughts. Do you really think that this project is worth its effort???

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Help me out! To build or not to build?

    While a good many enthusiasts would have little use for something like this, first time builders would likely find it helpful.

    As a consideration, though, have you guys thought about the time and effort it will take to keep something like this up to date? Many hardware incompatibilities are motherboard related and fresh BIOS updates will address a majority of them. Also there are a lot of new products hitting the shelves so you would have to come up with a means to incorporate these new items into your calculations. Also of note is the fact that many modern motherboards have issues with not just types of memory, but brands. Will this be something included in the package?

    Don't mean to be a naysayer, but thought it appropriate to bring up items of note that could make a difference in the accuracy of your build.
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