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Thread: Did my subwoofer cause my monitor to blow out?

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    Ive got a 19" Sylvania (lame brand, :( bleh) monitor and a Logitech Z560 Surround Sound System....the monitor has only been around about 1.5 years and it already seems to have blown out....

    Normally, my monitor would make a click while changing resolutions....but the last time i used it, it seemed to get stuck between resulutions, make a whistling noise, then just go into an infinite loop of "resolution clicks."

    Now, everytime i turn on the monitor, the **** just doesnt work, it just keeps making the "resolution click" noises :(
    Could my subwoofer have been placed too closely to my monitor? The sub is about 2 feet away, and there is a wooden board (side of a desk) between the monitor and sub (188watt RMS)
    Or do you think my monitor was just too cheap?

    Sylvania says the monitor is under a 3year warranty, but cheap companies always seem to find a way to squirm out allowing the customer to redeem......"Sorry sir, but you had the monitor placed at the wrong angle on your desktop, you will not be able to get a replacement from us"

    Would it be cheaper to repair, or a better idea to just buy a nice 19" name brand monitor?

    Thanks for any information.....
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    Iwouldn't think that it would have been the cause at that distance with wood inbetween. :?:
    It maybe something just like a dry solder in the monitor. :smokin:

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    Yea what he said, well my monitor was sweet sailin till the cable in the back on all twiested n ****, so i spliced the sucka, and fixed the wires, and i have no more clicking sounds as you say, umm i had two 12's pioneers about 1 foot away from my monitor so i dont think the z560 was a problem, btw my monitor is MGC baby woo hoo
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