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Thread: Free space on hdd is disappearing

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    Default Free space on hdd is disappearing

    Hi, I am having a problem, my hdd is a 200gb, on my hard
    drive I find 110 gb used, but the properties of the drive say there are only 15 gb free. I have checked it with the hidden files and folders, but they do not change the used space.

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    Default Re: Free space on hdd is disappearing

    It could be reserved system space, used for system restore points (I think the default is at 12 % of the harddrive/harddrives or partition/partitions on your computer) presuming you're running Windows XP. The actual space used depends on how much is monitored, how large the harddrive is and how many checkpoints have been created. You can decrease the amount used in System Properties > System Restore > Settings (the settings are independent for each partition).
    I think it's safe to disable system restore on partitions/drives where no software is installed; e.g. if you have a partition with only music and movies, for example. But it should be left enabled on your Windows partition, I know it's helped me more than once, when I've screwed things up ;)...
    Or it could be something else... does it say that the drive capacity is 200 GB in the properties? If it says something around 186 GB it's all right because Windows counts one GB as 1073 741 824 (1024^3) bytes, whilst the drive manufacturers count one GB as 1000 000 000 bytes. Otherwise, if it's a brand computer you've got, there could be a hidden partition on your computer with restore files - I think Packard Bell does this, or something similar, with their computers.

    Also, some specs could be helpful. What computer have you got? Any partitions? Brand, if any? And so on...

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    Default Re: Free space on hdd is disappearing

    Another consideration is if you use Norton System Works, the area that works as a protected recycle bin can take up a huge piece of hard drive real estate.
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