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Thread: Motherboard with AT Power Supply

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    Default Motherboard with AT Power Supply

    I have an old computer that I have been trying to get running, and I suspect the problem is with the power supply. The computer is old and uses an AT power supply. This one is wierd though, it had 3 connecters for the motherboard, the regular two that I have found on a bunch of other AT power supplies, and then a third one off to the side of it. This connecter has only half orange wires and the other half are all black wires. I think that the orange means power good and the black is a ground, but I havn't found any other power supply that has this third connector. I get power when using only the two standard connectors, but nothing appears on my screen, any ideas?

    Also, the computer is a 'Compaq Presario 5190', I havn't completely taken it apart yet, but I do know that it has a ZIP drive and uses PC133 RAM if that helps at all.
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    Default Re: Motherboard with AT Power Supply

    Many built systems like this were very proprietary (Dell is still notorious for having proprietary power supplies in their current systems), so you will more than likely have to find another Compaq power supply that will be compatible with your motherboard.
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    Default Re: Motherboard with AT Power Supply

    Alright, well that sucks, I probably wont be able to find another power supply that will work with this computer. Would it be possible to make the third connection out of another power supply and just have two powering the computer?
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